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I'm Grant Schinto and I bring infectious PASSION to my guitar teaching! I specialize in classic rock and emphasize creative development & expression. A musician and singer since 1975, I started on guitar in 1978, and began teaching in 1989.

I have one job here at G & R Guitar Lessons.  A calling, really.  That calling is helping people fall in love with playing the guitar and never falling back out.

Beginners are welcome, with the minimum age to start being 7 years old and having finished grade 1 in primary school, though exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis.

I also teach the basics (and even some intermediate to advanced level programs, depending on the genre) of heavy metal, country guitar*, pop, folk, open tunings, alternative, and jazz.

If you're interested in learning how to sing while playing the guitar, or in writing songs, or don't even play the guitar or bass but want to learn theory, I can help you as well.

I am passionate about theory, but I do not jam it down my student's throats. Instead, I use a "show don't tell" approach which I find works much better because it has the students asking for more theory (if not begging for it) because I help them reach the point where they see it as the valuable tool it can be (and because that's how I came to love and appreciate the application of music theory.)

But enough about me. Here's something to ponder:

Are you getting the whole story behind taking guitar lessons? Did you know that many myths exist that keep people from taking guitar lessons and pursuing their musical goals? One of those myths is that one must have "natural talent" to become a good guitar player. Well, having talent certainly helps, but it's only a fraction of what goes into the pie of becoming an awesome guitar player.

Give me a call, and let's get you on the road to fulfilling your musical dreams and goals!

Let's do good things together.


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